How to take daimond and bc from rooter?

 How to take diamond and bc from rooter?

 Hello friends, I welcome all of you to my blog website, as friends all of you know, you all get this post related to free fire always on this website, so today you will get this post in free fire one such application.  Who will I know about

 Friends, today I am going to tell you about the router, what is the router and what can you do with the router, I am going to tell you this website today, so you all have to read this post till the last.  so

 What is a rooter?

 Router is one of the best applications in India where many people

 A router is an application where there is a live giveaway, you can win a lot of damond and bc from there, then what you have to do for it and by downloading the router you can also win a lot of demand and bc there.

 How to use a rooter?

 How to do the router, then friends, you must first download this application, for that you will have to do it, then you have to open the play store and you have to search the router by going to the search option or you will find the download button below  It looks like you have to click on it and download it from there.

 When you download, you have to open the application and after that what you have to do is ask for the mobile number, you have to enter it, then you have to enter the OTP, after that what you have to do is open the router.

 After that there will be a spin and win option in front of you, you can win money by spinning from there, you will get it where you stop when you hit the spin.


 After that, there is a lot of live on there, you can win a coin by looking at anyone's live, you have to register, you will get 200 coins, in the same way you have to win a coin by watching everyone live.


 How to take daimond from rooter?

 How to take the diamond from the router, what you have to do for it, you will see a choice of a giveaway there, you can win a diamond by joining the giveaway or you can take a diamond from the coin, you can get a lot of options here.  Will get it and you will get party rewards here, you can take damond from it too

 How to take bc from rooter?

 Likewise, if you have to take bc then what you have to do for it, you have to join the giveaway, you can take it in the pubg giveaway bc or you have to compile party task, you will get a coin, you will get the bc or money from that coin.  And you can withdraw money in Paytm

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