How to get free bc in pubg account?

 How to get free bc in pubg account?

  Hello friends, how are you all friends, if you are all a pubic player and you all need BC very much, then all of you will have to complete this post till the last matric, which will tell you all, you can take BC for free.

 Friends to take BC as if you are a small child now and you have money to top it up to recharge here, then you will follow the matriculation that you tell everyone so that you can all take BC for free in your Public Account.  in

 To get BC for free, all of you will need an application, so that you will be able to turn on a lot of money and convert it to BC in the way you can take BC for free, so what is the name of that application and  How he uses everything, I will tell you below that you have to read the article very carefully so that all of you can take it for free in between.

  What is rozdhan app

 Rozdhan app is a running application, friends, this app gives you all the money, you all can make a lot more money than this, I have also made a lot of money and have taken the past free in your free fire account, if you all take it for free  If you want, then you can install this app in your phone at all and use it, you can earn good money with daily money.

 Where to download Rozdhan app?

 Friends, every day you will find the app available on the Play Store, friends, for that you all have to open the Play Store, on your phone and after going to the search bar, write the daily money there and the application will come on top of you all.  You have to install in your phone

 If you cannot find it in the Play Store, then I will send it with a download button below, from where you can click and download it.

 Who should take Bc for free from Rozdhan App?

 Friends, after installing it in your phone for 10 days, you are given a ₹ 50 bonus, all of you have to first log it in with your mobile phone number.


 10 After that you will see an option of screen in the bottom in front, by clicking on it you have to spin and the more you do this pen, the more coins you will get so that you can convert all the money and buy B.C.

 How to get pubg bc for free

 To take 20 for free, all of you can download the employment application to as many people as you can, by downloading it you will get a bonus of ₹ 50, so how can you get all free very easily?

 Friends, all of you can learn something like this in a public account also, if you have any difficulty in getting busy then you can tell me by commenting.

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