Best English Poem For Competition 2021 ::

 Today we are going to cover English poem for competition.



Whenever we want to move forward

Poet:- Palash Ranjan Gogoi

What's up? In large numbers This is a very small Lahma! Dynamic universe creation-status-rhythm Mehgrasta Baedh Manuh --- Where am I now? Ya-mandapa of life Bati-ghanta chaihe chale Fear of being lost or lost When it comes to food security Fear of getting lost. Sadar knew There was no talk of wind blowing from Dalitorbat. The streets are full of jealousy and envy Underwater kites in places, Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time. Mantra is not a means to an end Otherwise ... Let's move forward now Maybe this day Keep track of time In traditional poetry.

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