Best 3rd std english poem must read 2021

 Today we are going to cover in this post best 3rd std english poem that will touch your heart



Poet:- Ishan Dutt

So far, so good There is no price for rain, work Yes, the price is the same The sea is like this ... So far, the ladder is known Man, it's not a name One unit of one construction Body pinnacles - everywhere ... That's how civilization is So far, the ladder is known to Badhiya My love, my love, my brother There is no price, there is work. The fire under the bird I do not know what to do. Know: color juice weight Meaningless: meaning only time. .



The death of poetry

Poet:- Hiten Sharma

Poems written by me all the time My great-granddaughter has passed away A few days ago Now I'm free Because I know that time is my life The head of the quarrel It's not that I don't love you, it's that I don't love you. I can't bring money The dullness of the mummified period Kodhalbar is not calm. The green hills are now rocky As soon as the grandson understands The green of the poem is a white one Cover with a screen The CO will be vertical Because he is in his own mud yard Waving a red flag You can't do that The constant flow of true heartbeat With In the net of lies A flame burning deep in your chest Not covered He can't be inferior.



Thank you very much to read our 3rd std english poem . Meet you with some interesting poems.

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